Jury Awards $8 Million in Damages for Metal Hip Replacement

March 20, 2013

A Los Angeles jury has ordered the healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson, the world’s biggest medical products maker, to pay $8 million in damages for injuries resulting from the all metal hip replacement made by DePuy, the orthopedic branch of Johnson & Johnson.

This is the first verdict and award in nearly 11,000 suits filed against the company for the DePuy metal hip replacements.

Loren Kransky, a retired prison guard, claimed the all metal ball and socket hip implant left him with crippling injuries, and the jury agreed.  The jury found the implant was defectively designed, which lead to metal poisoning and other health issues suffered by Kransky.

Johnson & Johnson pulled the product from the market about 2 years ago, but has set aside around $3 billion to cover the costs of recalling defective hip implants and law suits resulting from these implants.

This verdict sends a clear message that the claims arising from the DePuy hip implant are real and cause severe and significant damages which Johnson & Johnson will be held accountable for.

During the trial, Kransky’s lawyers demonstrated how the all metal hip implant would deteriorate and some of the metal would flake off, causing metal poisoning which led to Kransky’s health issues and could potentially have killed him.  Despite the defense bringing up Kransky’s long history of past health problems, the jury returned a verdict ordering Johnson & Johnson to pay.

The artificial hip implant was made to help with pain and mobility issues.  The hip joint was sold for more than 8 years to more than 90,000 people worldwide.  In 2008, roughly 40% of U.S. hip replacements were all metal.  By 2009 pulled from the market and Johnson & Johnson stopped manufacturing them.

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